Everything You Need to develop Creative, Interactive, Online Courses

We have ensured that this platform has the most innovative and up to date tools for Teachers, Instructors and Educators. Simplifying the learning process for students in the process.

Who Are We?

Easy Click Solutions was founded in 2016 by Vernon Jean & Chantal Kadoo-Jean. Through this company they have successfully created 3 other web platforms EasyClickBooks.com, EasyClickTickets.com and EasyClickMarket.com

Why this platform?

In recent years the need for distance learning has increased. Students process information differently and gain more through interactive experiences. We have spent the last 2 years working to make this platform as user friendly and feature rich for all.

What does it cost?

The use of this platform is free for all. Tutors can choose to charge for their courses, as is their right. We only charge a processing fee of 4%. The balance can be transferred to the instructor upon request.